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THE ZEN OF EATING- What an Esthetician Needs to Know About Digestion.

This is the Future of Skin Treatment Knowledge. 
Understanding how the inside is affecting the outside and grasping how the digestive process relates to health and skin conditions. 

Why do we say Zen? Because eating is connected to a zen state of mind. Digestion takes place when we are in this zen state. If this first step doesn’t happen, the rest of the sequence can’t take place resulting in the various skin conditions we encounter. 

Understanding how the digestive system works in relation to the skin, and which skin conditions can be caused by poor digestion, will help you to better identify what is going on with your client. This class will help you to understand the processes that take place internally and how they eventually affect the skin. You will be able to offer your client help in a way that addresses the skin, without providing nutritional advice you feel my fall outside of your practice scope. Knowing the nutritional needs of the skin both topically and intrinsically is invaluable.

This class is not about creating a diet/eating plan for your client, but instead understanding what is causing their skin conditions and what to do about it. You’ll receive information that, while not directly food related, is digestion related, information you can easily offer your client while remaining within your scope. 

Every esthetician should understand more about how the epidermis and dermis work; and by learning how the digestive system works in relation to our largest organ, you have just set yourself apart from 99% of the other estheticians in the field. This *IS* the future of skin treatment knowledge, of how we will address our clients’ skin concerns. The skin is an organ of response; do you know what is causing that response? More often than not, it comes from inside the body. 

I am very passionate about how the insides and the outsides work together. I know you will come away with a whole new perspective of not only your skin, but of your body as a whole. And as a bonus, you'll have a better handle on your own health issues. 



Welcome to the world of the other side of your skin!

Classes will be available in several cities across the country. 

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August 1 - Monday - Seattle, WA

August 28 - Sunday - Costa Mesa, CA

September 2 - Friday - Greensboro, NC

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You will receive:

  • a bonus manual with 30+ pages of all sorts of extra information and charts and articles

  • a gift bag filled with gifts from the beauty and health industry

  • health and beauty industry vendors at select classes

  • a certificate of attendance


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