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I'm a Free Radical! 


Gone are the days of addressing only the symptoms of skin conditions, the future of skin care lies in looking at the underlying causes and developing a comprehensive, yet holistic, treatment plan to ensure healthy skin for life. It’s important to understand the causes and exacerbators of skin conditions, and work preventatively rather than reactively in regard to long term skin health.


As a Washington State Master Esthetician, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Acne Specialist, and electrologist, I have over 25 years of in-depth education and research in skin and body anatomy and physiology, Corneotherapy, Functional Nutritional Therapy, and a variety of other beauty industry related modalities. I take pride in helping my colleagues gain a deeper understanding of their everchanging industry.

I’m Cassandra Lanning, The Renegade Esthetician. I call myself that because I do things differently than other estheticians and I want to share my new approach with not only my clients, but with all those other estheticians. I believe it’s essential to elevate the education of the future generations of estheticians to establish a higher standard for the beauty and skin treatment industry.


In today’s fast-paced world we are seeing more and more inflammation in everybody’s skin which is directly related to digestive dysfunction, poor blood sugar regulation, and hormone imbalances. Today's estheticians need to be familiar with the relationship of the body's systems and the skin and be able to recognize basic root causes of the more commonly seen skin conditions.


My Qualifications

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"Thank you for creating this course for someone like me who doesn't have interest to learn science-speak. :-)
All your examples are given to the point and easy to understand. It is amazing!"

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