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The Basics of Skin Care

It doesn't have to be complicated to care for your skin. You don't need all kinds of complicated routines and products. It's pretty simple. The most important thing to remember is that the older you get, the more effort you do have to put into your skin care, and your whole body care. Things slow down as you get older, and you have to help yourself by making up the difference. But it can still be pretty simple.

Let's break it down by age groups.

Across the board, all age groups need a minimum of 3 products. That is the bare minimum, absolute basic you can get. You need a cleanser that you can use morning and night, you need a sunscreen for daytime protection, and a night cream to help with night time repair.

In Your Twenties You can get away with a lot more because most of your cells are still regenerating. Your pigment cells however, have just stopped regenerating, around the age of 18. What you have now is what you'll have for the rest of your life, so you have to protect these delicate cells. That is why you need a sunscreen. Additionally, sunscreen protects against collagen breakdown which results in sagging skin later on in life. It also protects against skin cancer. Everyone needs to cleanse their skin morning and night. Night time at the very least, because you really need to wash the day's dirt, sweat, and pollution off your skin before sleeping. This will aid your skin in its repair work at night. And in the morning, at least a quick rinse just to wash off all the toxins your skin excreted while you were sleeping. At night you need a moisturizer that works with your intrinsic skin type. Be it oily skin or dry skin or sensitive skin, you need to help your skin lock in hydration. Drink lots of water and moisturize for your skin type. Final thought: By the age of 25 your cells are experiencing oxidative stress on the cell membrane. This results in water loss. Drink more water, moisturize, protect, and cleanse.

In Your Thirties All of the above, PLUS now you have to add an eye cream! If you don't want to have crows feet later on in life, you need to start using an eye cream on your 30th birthday - no later! Now is also the time to start paying attention to what you are eating. Adding in lots of healthy fats will help your cells, as well as your hormones in a few more years. Final thought: By the age of 35 your cells are experiencing lipid peroxidation on the cell membrane. This results in oil loss. All cells are slowing down. Epidermal cells begin to slow their turnover, and dermal cells are pushed to work harder. This is called aging. Drink more water, eat more fat, moisturize, protect, and cleanse.

In Your Forties Life is catching up with you. You still need to cleanse morning and night, use sunscreen and eye cream, and moisturize. Now it's time to add in your magic wand. A skin serum. By your forties, you will have sustained some life damage. A little too much fun, a little too much sun, a little neglect here and there... it happens. But you have to take responsibility and repair it. That's what a skin serum is for. They can hydrate, provide vitamins, counteract pigmentation, soften wrinkles, and some can do it all! Final thought: By the age of 45 your cells are experiencing damage of the mitochondria - that's the energy center of your cell, it's slowing down, more and more. This is a good time to add in professional LED and Microcurrent treatments to your Basic home care routine. They can both provide energy for your mitochondria to help them keep working efficiently.

In Your Fifties and Beyond This is it... now is when your previous actions start showing up on your skin. Did you wear your sunscreen? Did you cleanse your skin? Did you hydrate and moisturize? Did you use your eye cream and skin serum? Yes? No? Your previous actions will come back to haunt you or to make you shine! It's not that hard to gradually use 5 skin care products over the course of your life. It's pretty simple. Final thought: By the age of 50 your cells are experiencing what is called cellular alzheimers. They no longer function as they once did. What was once a healthy, youthful, vibrant cell, has now slowed down, and possibly even forgotten it's function. Your previous actions will determine how well or not your cells age. So here is your BASIC list of skincare products you will need throughout your life: 1. Cleanser 2. Sunscreen 3. Moisturizer 4. Eye Cream 5. Skin Serum *Bonus points: Toner! To keep skin hydrated, pH balanced, and to help your serums and creams penetrate better and stretch farther. Pretty simple, dontcha think?


"The Renegade Esthetician" Cassandra Lanning, LME, NTP, CPE, CLT

Cassandra is a Master Esthetician and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the state of Washington. She has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry including electrolysis, laser hair removal, skincare, nutrition, and teaching. She is a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, the Association for Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, and the National Aesthetic Spa Network. WWW.THERENEGADEESTHETICIAN.COM

Resources: 1. Florence Barrett-Hill, Advanced Skin Analysis, Pastiche Resources, 2. Client observation


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